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Clear / Colourless
Standard (Annealed)
Tempered (Toughened)

Glass sliding doors glide and open in a horizontal manner,  large panels of glass that are attached to a metal or wood frame running on the top or bottom rail. We also have wide range of frameless glass sliding and foldable doors, automatic sliding glass doors. Sliding doors are an incredibly versatile glazed door system for a better panoramic view from your home or office.

Large glass sliding door with wooden and steel frame instead of regular hinged doors as they tend to give a more classy appearance and give more space to your living room or for a balcony or let it be for the bathroom glass separator. For ventilating your small and compact room or bathroom, sliding doors are a perfect choice. Whether it be for a large room or a compact room we have custom made glass sliding doors for your need.
We provide, install your complete glazing package with end-to-end project management service. For quality glass door works, BuyGlass have the best experts in your town.

Our Glass doors are made with tempered (toughened) glass / laminated glass or argon filled glass. Standard glass are not used for sliding doors.