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12 mm
19 mm
Clear / Colourless
Standard (Annealed)

What comes to your mind while imagining a glass coffee table? Perhaps, an oval or a rectangular table? Well, these tables are very common and have a plain look. To make a unique style statement at home or office, you need something different, something out-of-the-box. If it is what you are looking for, a bent glass coffee / tea table can become your top choice.

Also known as the curved glass table, a table featuring a bent glass has a combination of glass and / or metal. Typically, it has two legs bent inward or the shelf is bent from its edges to keep the legs straight. This introduces a unique and futuristic feel to your living or meeting room with your bent glass desk. The overall look is modernly different than anything else in the market.

Although made using glass, the bent-glass tables are stable enough to hold coffee mugs and snack plates. You can even place newspapers or magazines on the shelf. Above all, you can even arrange some small flower vases to give your area a new makeover.

Our bent glass tables are skillfully made using durable clear glass formed at high temperatures. The thickness of our curved glasses are either 12mm or 19mm, 19mm tick glass usually for office desk. However, they are available in different sizes to suit both areas where space is premium or abundant. Even the strength and edge style vary, which means you get more options to customize.You can even get a custom-made model of your preferred size as well as color.