Rectangle Table Top Glass

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10 mm
12 mm
6 mm
8 mm
Clear / Colourless
Flat Polish
Pencil Polish
Standard (Annealed)
Rectangular Glass Dining Table

Buy Glass India is committed to providing the most personalized, elegant, and durable glass products. Our product catalogue is the abode of several glass tabletops, including a full range of rectangular glass dining tables made using premium quality glass and having fine polished edges and smooth surface. We are sure that you will easily find one to enhance the look of your home or office.
Based on edge type, you can choose from two main types namely, flat and beveled. A flat rectangular glass dining table top is a mainstay in several edifices. As it is available in a variety of sizes, it has a couple of useful purposes ranging from a desk to a dining table. Our flat models are cut in a way that keeps air bubbles at bay and makes it easy to clean the surface despite no risk of staining.
On the other hand, a beveled rectangular glass dining table top is made to serve a myriad of purposes. The aesthetic beveled edge and flat surface can suit anything ranging from a desk to a side table. All our beveled tops are resistant to stain due to which they can endure the normal wear and tear. The engineering of glass is such that there are no air bubbles. Our table tops are available in a myriad of sizes to suit any kind of need.
With our rectangle glass table tops, you will redefine the look and feel of your home or office in an artistic and smart way.

Rectangle glass for furniture, buy all kinds of Rectangle shape glass for dining table, coffee tables, teapoy, kitchen table, office desks, conference & discussion table, small glass for corner tables. Tinted Rectangle shape glass include bronze, grey, dark grey, blue, green and clear glass. Glass thickness ranges from 06 mm to 12 mm are ideal for table top. Select Rectangle glass according to your table frame size. Best quality and price for glass in India. If you don't find the shape or size you needed get custom cut glass online : Click here to order now