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12 mm
Clear / Colourless
Tempered (Toughened)
Shower Enclosure India

A glass shower enclosure is an ideal way to revive your space and boost relaxation. Many people also prefer an enclosure to keep the water restricted to a confined space. These days, it has become an essential part of a bathroom if space permits. So, if even you are thinking to add one to your bathroom, Buy Glass shower enclosure India can guide and help select the best one.
Instead of placing an order online, there are certain points to consider when it comes to choosing an ideal glass shower enclosure. Doing so will help save time and take an informed decision. Right from your budget to your style, here are four main things to consider:

  • Space: Considering the existing area provides an idea about the space that can be dedicated to an enclosure. If the bathroom is roomy, you can easily have a separate enclosure with a cabinet. However, if the space is limited, you may have to build over the bathtub.
  • Style: From simple to vintage and classic to contemporary, you will surely get the enclosure of your style. The opening mechanism surrounding the shower, position such as alcove, recess, and corner, and shape of enclosure such as L, U, T, and pentagon contribute to the perfect style. Even the door type contributes! A sliding door is ideal for a rectangular, less spacious bathroom where space is less. On the other hand, a hinged one is ideal for a square, big bathroom. You can check our enclosures and customization options to help you obtain a perfect look.
  • Trays: You can have a shower enclosure with or without a tray. However, we recommend having a tray to minimize leakage. An anti-slip tray will simply ensure safety.
  • Glass: You should select a thicker glass to have a stronger enclosure. In terms of style, you should focus on the colour and surface design. However, above all, you should choose the right type of glass. This is the one with safety glazing. Laminated and tempered are the two main options to choose from. While both are strong and safe options, lamination can be problematic at a later state due to moisture contact. So, tempered glass is a better choice here.   

Here at, Buy Glass India, we keep all these factors in mind to deliver you the perfect enclosure.