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12 mm
Clear / Colourless
Tempered (Toughened)

Gone are the days when bathrooms were neglected. Now, bathrooms are designed and built to match the aesthetics of the entire house. Renovated or new, make your bathroom look modern, clean and elegant with our wide range of bathroom shower enclosures. Along with their multi-utility purposes, they also make your bathing experience a relaxing one!

Visit and indulge yourself! Just choose from our wide variety of pre fabricated glass shower enclosures in varying sizes and designs. At BuyGlass, all products are designed to make your bathrooms safe, hygienic, bright and airy. Do you wish to have custom engineered and designed shower enclosures? Our expert team in Mumbai can help you built the best shower enclosure for your bathroom.

Glass Shower Cabin with frameless separators

Want more comfort for your aching muscles after a tired day? Invest in a shower cabin if you have a spacious bathroom. This separate shower enclosure is made of thick safety glass. All the internal surfaces are tightly sealed to make it completely water leak proof. It can accommodate body jets, hydrotherapy systems and steam settings as well. We can easily install it anywhere just by connecting it to a water supply and a drain. 

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