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What is the Shipping time for Glass & Mirrors?

For our ready made glass & mirror products, it usually takes 4 days. But for custom cut glass & mirror orders / tempered glass orders, about 8 days to fabricate & 4 days for shipping. Large size custom cut glass will take 6 ~ 7 days for shipping.

Why Should I choose tempered glass (toughened glass) ?

Choose tempered glass when you need a strong table top or strong glass shelf, heat resistant glass, safe glass etc, tempering makes a glass much stronger, tempered glasses are safe when it breaks as it does not break into long sharp pieces which can cause cuts or injury, tempered glass crumble into small pieces which are safer . You can avoid tempered glass if you choose thicker glass (12+ mm) which are generally strong without tempering.

What type of edge polishing are available?

You can choose Flat Polishing, Beveled Polishing, Pencil Polishing which are available for all custom cut glass orders

What is the recommended thickness for a dining table top glass ?

It depends on the size of the table frame, 10 or 12 mm thick glass is recommended for such use.

What is the recommended thickness for a teapoy / coffee table top glass ?

6 or 8 mm thick glass is recommended for such use. choose tempered glass for safety. Click here to order

Does glass comes with a table? Can I order only glass for my table top?

We sell glass separately, If you wish only to buy glass for your existing table, yes you can.