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12 mm
6 mm
8 mm
Clear / Colourless
Dark Grey
Flat Polish
Pencil Polish
Standard (Annealed)
Round Glass Dining Table

Is your dining space confined but you still want an upscale dining table top? In that case, a round glass dining table top is likely to be an ideal option for you. It induces a friendly vibe, an elegant touch, and spacious feel to your dining room. In addition, a round glass table top introduces a contemporary aesthetic feel due to which it becomes possible to experiment with it in several ways. With our models, you can easily set a contrast with your chair or sofa upholstery.
As round table tops are becoming more and more popular nowadays, we have introduced a sturdy and custom collection of round glass table tops to suit each interior style. Before exploring our collection, it is worth knowing about the edgework or edge type.
The type of edge you choose has a direct impact on the style, appearance, and usability of the table top. Polished edges are known for their refined glossy finish. However, they come in three main styles namely, flat, beveled, and pencil.
A flat polish, featuring clean lines, glossy finish, and sleek appearance, has a 45-degree chamfer atop and bottom. This chamfer softens the sharpness. For table tops that are 1/2" or thicker and are custom made, a flat polish is ideal. It is economical and ideal option to showcase the thickness, as the glass edge is refined and simple. This showcase value and economical availability make a flat polished edge appealing.  
A beveled polish results in a decorative angle beginning close to the edge. For instance, a 2" bevel begins 2" from the edge. The glass is run along a belt to give smooth edges and great look on elegant tops. Beveled edges are affordable but not for custom cut sizes and curves.
A pencil polish is rounded in shape and blends well into the furniture edges. Pencil refers to the rounded finish of the edge radius, akin to the pencil’s roundness. This edge is perfect for round tables and safety is its important benefit. Due to rounded edges, it is hard to get an injury. Unlike a flat polish, the pencil one is ideal for glass positioned in high traffic areas.
Buy Glass India is always ready to help you make the right edge choice.

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