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12 mm
Standard (Annealed)

Are you searching for a new elegant piece of furniture for your front or living room? There cannot be a better option other than a simple yet stunning glass coffee table.It can completely match the rest of the interior or simply stand out when the room is filled with lots of furniture items. Even a simple coffee table glass top adds sophistication and transparency to the room, reflecting simplicity and purity.

Have a dark room? No problem! The sun rays go right through the transparent glass, which illuminates your dark room to make you feel bright and luminous. If you love to have an illusion of being outdoors by making a room lit with as much light as possible, a glass coffee table has to be on your priority list.

Adorning your coffee table glass top will make you realize that it can stand all alone as a flawless showpiece. If you truly do not need its functionality, it will dazzlingly illuminate items you keep upon it even in the absence of full sunshine.

Wish to have simple, uncluttered living room? This is again where a low glass coffee table will do the trick for you. It gives a minimalist and uncluttered look, which is for those who long for serenity in their living space. One of the latest trends to try is a coffee table glass top having a geometric base. It is perfect fora contemporary living space. So, why not buy one? We have got different glass coffee table varieties for you!

If you are looking to replace only the glass for your existing furniture we can provide you custom cut glass as per your requirement, click here.