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Clear / Colourless
Standard (Annealed)
Tempered (Toughened)

At one point in time, doors were considered just an entrance to a house or office. Now, your house or office doors make a statement about you and your property. And, what better way to do that than use sliding glass doors? Glass doors and walls display the unique character and style of the people in the building, along with offering privacy, security, energy, aesthetics, and acoustic insulation. Do you wish to install an automatic or manual sliding doors for commercial buildings, sliding and foldable glass doors for your patio and balcony? All you have to do is just fill in in the enquiry form and we will execute the project for a competitive price package in Kochi (Cochin), Ernakulam. 

All our sliding glass doors comes with 10 or 12 mm thick toughened (tempered) glass only other glass options which include heat resistant reflective glass, laminated glass, argon filled glass. For Glass projects and works in Kochi, Kerala our engineers and glass expert will provide you the best quality and service.