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Clear / Colourless
Standard (Annealed)
Tempered (Toughened)

Sliding and folding glass doors and walls are found in almost all architecture. Sliding glass doors slide along a track and are made of tempered glass, reflective glass, and switchable smart glass. Choose from different types of sliding doors – pocket and patio sliding doors, sliding French doors, bypass doors, and sliding bi-fold doors. In foldable glass doors and walls, the different glass panels connect with each other and fold as they open, all within a single track. They can be stacked either on the inside or outside.

Sliding and foldable glass doors and walls allow natural light into the room, thus making it look bigger and brighter. Sliding doors also give dimensional flexibility which makes shifting and re-shifting of furniture an easy task. Both types of glass doors and walls are easy to install and maintain. 

Automatic sliding glass doors offer added convenience and seamless, hands-free entry and exit experience to visitors. 
Ideal for two-way traffic, automatic sliding doors may be hung from overhead tracks or mounted with tracks and rollers. For the best Automatic Sliding glass door installation experts in Bangalore.

Framed and Frameless Glass Doors
Glass doors with frame and frameless glass doors are very common now. For a framed glass door, an aluminium, wooden, or metal frame holds together glass panels of varying sizes in Bangalore. Frameless glass doors look like an uninterrupted sheet of glass and usually form the centrepiece in the lobby or the entrance of an office building. These doors need a thick glass plate, from 1/2” to 3/4”, based on the door size. There is a thick beam to provide support to the top pivots. Frameless doors are generally made of tempered (toughened) glass so that even if they break accidentally, they will break only into smaller glass pebbles. Comparatively, framed doors cost less than frameless doors. They are also easy to install.