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Custom glass cut to required shape and size, tempered / toughened glass and ordinary (annealed) glass will be cut for table top as per customer requirement and delivered to home or office in India. Complete custom table top glass solutions online glass for table top, shelves, windows and doors available at the best price, also laminated glass and frosted glass. Only made to measure bespoke glass store in India, best quality guaranteed, the glass & glass furniture repair shop near you, whether its a replacement glass or a new glass requirement will do the job.

Custom glass include tinted glass grey, bronze, blue & green, white glass also clear and extra clear glass are available. Glass cut to size and shapes square, rectangle, circular, triangular, elliptical oval, racetrack oval, semi circle or arch, quarter circle, all you need is to enter the dimension required in centimetres and glass thickness in millimetres, we also polish the edges and corners of glass beveled edge, pencil polished edge, flat edge, round corner polish etc. If customer require a custom cut irregular shape table top glass for dining table or glass tea table, glass teapoy, coffee table or even an office desk send the diagram with all measurements we will cut glass sheets with accurate measurement for you, all available at the best price.

Tempered / toughened glass: These glass have more strength and heat resistivity, when broken, it crumble into small pieces instead of splintering into jagged shards as annealed glass, so very less chance of causing injury. We advise customers to buy toughened glass in your home especially if there are kids. Tinted tempered glass are available.