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10 mm
12 mm
6 mm
8 mm
Racetrack Oval
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Clear / Colourless
Dark Grey
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Flat Polish
Pencil Polish
Standard (Annealed)

Buy table top glass for your dining table, coffee / tea table, office desk, conference table, kitchen tables or other furniture glass all available here for best glass price, delivered across India. Square, rectangle, round, oval, elliptical, racetrack oval shape glass for dining tables and desk. Thin glass for table cover with 3mm thickness to extra strong toughened / tempered glass with 12 mm thick glass for dining table, desk, coffee tables can be purchased from here, order glass online. Tinted glass bronze, grey glasses also available. If you did not find the size of glass table top you looking for, you can customise shape and size of your glass, cut to size wide verity of glasses for table tops best price.

Glass tabletops are used for different purposes such as making an illusion of more space and rendering a rejuvenated shine to a dull furniture item. However, the most popular use is to protect the surface of a table from scratches, nicks, and other damage. For example, when used on a wooden base or surface, a glass for table top is thinner and its edges are polished to prevent any injury resulting from sharp edges. The glass tops can be positioned on any vintage, traditional, or modern table base to provide both support and style to your table. You can even use them on a plant stand or a nightstand for giving a complete look. A glass for table top is always strong, dense, sophisticated, and flexible enough to be designed into any shape. The glass material itself is versatile enough to be used in perfect combination with woods, metals, and even ceramics.

The tougher this material is, the more resistant it is! Still, even this glass is prone to damage when exposed to continuous heat. This is another reason why you will look for replacing an existing glass table top. In this case, you need to choose the right glass type as per your budget and other requirements.