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Tempered Glass Table Tops

Are you trying to bring down the budget or cost by going for a standard glass piece for your table top? Doing so is likely to sound wise, right? After all, you know well that you will be using your table quite carefully due to which investing in a stronger glass seems to be impractical. Is it really impractical? Consider answering it by considering how costly (repair expenses) and unsafe (handling) a broken glass top could be.
Remember, a standard glass piece is bound to break at some point of time. When it breaks, you realize why a stronger glass is a better choice. It is simply not only a cause of being precautious. It is also about durability and functionality; you want your glass furniture to last for years without any stain or crack and without hampering the safety of your dear ones.
This is why tempered glass table tops have become indispensable. We, at Buy Glass India, highly recommend tempered glass for a glass table top. This kind of glass has been toughened due to which it is around four times stronger than any piece of standard or annealed glass.
Tempering means that the material is treated with heat and cooled for additional longevity. If such a glass piece breaks, it will smash into small, non-sharp pieces instead of sharp, big shards. You may not think of a tempered glass material for a glass table cover but it does ensure you an additional layer of safety if you drop something on it.
Indoors, if the table is not grooved, toughened glass is recommended. Otherwise, it is easier for the table top to be knocked off the surface. At times, you may feel that the glass surface seems to be safe but the sudden pressure or weight can result in table imbalance. So, when the glass moves, you need not worry about injury if it is tempered. The only issue to take care of repositioning, as glass tops are typically heavy.
For outdoor tables, tempered glass is a must to protect the table top from the wind. Otherwise, the table top can be pushed away at a high speed. If toughened glass is attached well, this issue is less likely to occur. Even if it gets loosened, the strengthened part inside remains intact or breaks into small pieces that do not trigger a laceration hazard.
Because of these features, a tempered glass table top is our strong preference. We ensure that you will not lose aesthetics, customization potential, or fitting compatibility.