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Standard & Tempered glass (toughened glass) for Shelves, Centre table, Patio table, Teapoy, Centre table, Tea table, Coffee & Dining Table tops Glass replacement, frosted glass & repairs, custom made to measure glass shower enclosures and glass doors. Our products include coloured tinted glasses, tempered glass for furniture polished edges and corners as per your wish and needs. Ready to use glass and a collection of modern contemporary design curved & bent glass tables can be ordered online. We deliver the highest quality products and services with one of the industry's lowest price without compromising the highest quality standards. Express delivery available for standard size replacement glass for dining and coffee tables, now replacing a broken glass in very simple. Clear transparent glass, tinted grey and brown glass. Order online, cut to size glass only, your local glazier. 

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Translucent glass is ideal with its sleek finish for furniture. However, even more alluring is a tinted glass or a frost glass to consider. If privacy is top priority, then a tinted glass is ideal for any window or door in your home or office. While keeping the snooping eyes of peers and neighbors out, it contrastingly allows ample sunlight to come through without losing the optical comfort. On the other hand, a frost glass is for protecting privacy while in a bathroom or in an office cabin meant for conference meetings. It features a distinct mist effect by scattering sunlight to give a blurred look of the image on the other side. This is useful in case of shower doors and bathroom windows. We have different, top-notch tinted glass and frost glass varieties on offer. 

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