4 Tips for Your Glass Tabletop Replacement

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Posted on : 30-08-2021    Author : Tarunima Susheel

For any table owner, a broken glass tabletop is a disappointing sight. It is common for glass tabletops to shatter or develop a fracturedue to pressure or temperature fluctuationsleading to expansion and contraction of the glass. This is despite our care and maintenance. You can find a new glass tabletop to replace the broken one. To get you the right replacement  glass option, here are some tips to consider:


Always Measure before Ordering a New Glass Top

Most of us will prefer buying a new glass top instead of fixing the broken one. In that case, is a common belief that one can directly order it. However, even for placing an order, you need to know some measurements so that you can have the new glass top that fits well on your table.


In the case of a square or rectangle glass top, measure its length and width. If the tabletop is round, measure the radius from its center or the diameter from one side to the other passing through the center. Regardless of the shape, measure from the inside of the table.

Understand the types of glasses available

Do you know that this accident has given you a chance to buy a better kind of glass? So, just do not choose the same glass type again! Look for something better! Whenit is the matter of replacing a glass tabletop, you have three types to consider namely, annealed, tempered, and acrylic. Annealed or float glass is the primary type and is usually preferable for small, patio, and light-duty tables. Although it will not crack due to temperature changes, it will crack, if broken, into big pieces. So, it is not a safety glass.

On the other hand, tempered glass is safer, stronger, and more durable than an annealed counterpart. Such a glass hardly cracks and takes a lot of effort to break. However, if broken, it splits into very small pieces. It is widely used for shelves and tabletops holding heavy items. This can be your long-lasting replacement option. Lastly, acrylic glass or plexiglass looks like glass but is made up of plastic (acrylic). It is a solid option, as it can bear pressure and lasts long.

Consider the edge

One of the most overlooked aspects while choosing a new glass tabletop for replacement is the edge. Although this aspect is a matter of design, it also adds to the functionality. So, it is essential to choose the right edge.

Glass tabletops come with four edges. First, a seamed edge is common for a table with a frame so that the glass goes inside the frame. It is safe to handle such an edge because of the dull glass edges. Second, a smooth and shiny edge is seen in the flat polish glass. Then, a smooth and round edge befits a pencil polish glass. Lastly, a smooth and angled (beveled) edge is ideal for having a vintage or decorative glass top. You need to handle such a top meticulously due to its thin edges.

Customize with tint

You can consider changing the table’s look and feel by simply changing the color. How about a blue glass top this time? Well, you can choose from a variety of tints such as bronze, opaque grey or smoky, translucent frosted-etched, and greenish tints.

Hope these tips will help you choose a refreshing new tabletop for replacing a broken one!