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Are you looking for toughened glass experts in Bengaluru ? Our product range includes a wide range of toughened glass for architectural use, toughened glass for doors, windows and façade, toughened safety glass for furniture. Buy toughened (tempered / tuffen) glass for furniture, toughened glass for dining table, outdoor patio table, toughened glass for centre coffee tables and conference table tops 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm & 15 mm thickness toughened glass, customers can order toughened glass as per their required size, we deliver the best quality tempered glass in Bangalore. Safety glasses for both residential and commercial use. Even though 90% of the requirements from the customers are for clear and extra clear glass we also have range of grey & bronze tinted toughened glasses.

Toughened glass are manufactured using advanced technology in special modern furnace machine for high quality and durability. Toughened glass are four to five times stronger than standard glass thus it is also called safety glass, even if it breaks, it breaks in to small pieces which won’t cause any injury.
Chose 8 to 12mm thick toughened glass for table tops, for medium and small tables 8mm would be ideal. Medium to large tables will require 10 to 12mm thick toughened glass.

In commercial buildings facades, canopies, glass walls and sliding doors 12 mm thick toughened glass are used, depending on the requirement and purpose 10mm and 15mm thick toughened glass are used. Special purpose 19mm thick toughened glass are also available. We home deliver toughened glass in Bangalore city, any size or quantity we can fulfil your order. Call us for a free Quote for any commercial glass & shower enclosure works in Bangalore.