Difference between Standard Glass (Annealed) & Tempered Glass

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Posted on : 30-04-2020    Author : Sunny Singh

Annealed Glass (Standard or ordinary glass)

Standard Glass when broken - sharp edge
Annealed Glass, otherwise called standard glass is a soft glass which is thermally treated and cooled to relieve any internal stress. If Annealed glass is broken it break into long sharp pieces which can cause cuts or injury to humans. The only advantage is price wise, its much cheaper than tempered glass. ordinary glass should be selected and used where strength and safety is of less importance. Usually standard glass orders are delivered in 3 ~ 4 days.

Tempered Glass (Toughened glass)

Tempered Glass when broken
Tempered Glass also called as toughened glass is a safety glass manufactured through thermal treatment a process of extreme heating and cooling to increase glass strength, tempered glass is much harder and stronger than normal glass, tempered glass also withstand moderate heat. Tempering process makes the outer surfaces of glass into compression and the interior into tension. Such stresses cause the glass, when broken, it crumble into small pieces instead of splintering into jagged shards as annealed glass, so very less chance of causing injury. Usually tempered glass orders are delivered in 6 ~ 9 days depending on the size.

Where all can I get Tempered Glass for furniture in India?

We deliver custom cut tempered glass for table tops, shelves, replacement glass to major cities and towns in India. Tempered glass comes in different tints and clear glass, other tins include bronze, grey, light blue and green. customer can select the thickness according to their need. Usually 10 mm and 12 mm thick glass are used for dining, conference or office desks. Shapes: custom cut glass can be selected in square, rectangle, oval, racetrack oval, circular or round, semi circle or arch, hexagon shapes.