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Posted on : 30-09-2023    Author : Dharmin Kumar

Glass bending machines come in various forms, and the choice of machine depends on the specific requirements and the type of glass being bent. Here are some of the most common types of glass bending machines:

Kilns for Hot Bending:
Kiln Bending Furnaces: These are specially designed kilns or ovens used for heating glass sheets to the softening point for hot bending. They are equipped with precise temperature control systems to ensure even heating and cooling. Kiln bending furnaces can accommodate large glass sheets and are commonly used for architectural glass and glass art.

Roller-Type Glass Bending Machines:
Continuous Roller Bending Machines: These machines are used for bending large sheets of glass continuously. The glass sheet is fed into the machine, heated, and then bent over a series of rollers to achieve the desired curvature. This process is often used in the production of curved automotive windshields and curved architectural glass panels.

Press-Type Glass Bending Machines:
Pneumatic Presses: Pneumatic presses use air pressure to bend glass sheets against a mold. The glass is placed on the mold, and then air pressure is applied to press it into shape. These machines are used for producing smaller curved glass pieces, such as decorative glassware and automotive side windows.

Mechanical Glass Bending Machines:
Mechanical Presses: Mechanical presses use mechanical force to bend glass. They are equipped with bending arms or mechanisms that physically push or bend the glass into the desired shape. These machines are often used for bending thin glass sheets with less complex curves.

Chemical Bending Equipment:
Chemical Bending Machines: These machines are used in the chemical bending process, where chemicals are applied to the glass to weaken it along specific lines, making it easier to bend. The machine may facilitate the chemical application and bending process.

Laminating and Bending Machines:
Laminating Ovens: These machines are used in the production of laminated glass, where two or more layers of glass are bonded together with an interlayer. Laminated glass can be bent by heating it in a laminating oven to soften the interlayer and the glass, allowing it to take on the desired shape.

CNC Glass Bending Machines:
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines: CNC machines can be used for precision glass bending. They are programmed to follow specific bending patterns and curves, allowing for highly accurate and complex shapes to be produced.

The choice of machine depends on factors like the type and thickness of the glass, the desired curvature, production volume, and the specific industry/application. Glass bending is a specialized process that requires skilled operators and often involves a combination of machines and techniques to achieve the desired results.