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Posted on : 24-05-2023    Author : Kiran Negi

You marvel at high-rise buildings with clean glass facades on the outside and spotless glass window panes, panels, and partitions on the inside. Hotels with spotless glasses and stain-free glass shower panels give off an air of friendliness and hospitality, which sets the mood for both the visitors and the business. Have you ever wondered how this cleaning process happens?

What is Façade Cleaning?

The process of cleaning the external façade of a building is called façade cleaning. The methods used to clean the façade and panes depend on the type of property and the materials used. Choosing the right cleaning products and equipment is very important, especially for glass fixtures.
So, why façade cleaning? Simply put, everyone prefers a clean building. Even in your home, keeping your glass window panes and shower panels clean gives you a homey look and immense satisfaction.

Factors that Affect Glass

Here are some factors that make glass dirty and cause aesthetic damage, as well.

  • Grime etches itself onto the glass which in turn can create scratches.
  • Usually, there is a combination of materials like masonry, concrete, stone, and metal that is used with glass facades and window panes. Minerals and salts from these materials can leach into the glass and even break it.
  • Buildings and homes in congested areas with high traffic are prone to exhaust fumes, chemical air pollutants, and dust.
  • Bugs, birds, rodents, and other pests are other important factors that can damage glass facades and window panes, especially bird droppings.
  • Plant growth and moisture can also dirty the glass and make it look foggy and opaque.
  • Water leakages, seepages, or drips can cause rusty spots and mineral deposits that create red streaks on the glass.
  • Adverse weather conditions such as sandstorms, acid rains, and heat can also cause environmental damage and dirty the glass facades and window panes. Such weather conditions can also cause mould and algae to form on the glass.

Best Practices
Learn some best practices to maintain and safeguard your glass fixtures.

  • Be regular: Cleaning done daily keeps glass fixtures neat and shining. You need not clean vigorously or extensively. A simple daily wipe or a weekly cleaning will still be enough to keep your glass facades, enclosures, panels, and panes neat.
  • Use a water softener: In areas with hard water, mineral deposits accumulate on the door edges. Water softeners remove these minerals and provide a great difference in the water quality. This immensely reduces stains from forming on the glass panels and edges.
  • Use the right cleaning cloth: Most of us might not think much about this but using the right cleaning cloth is important to glass cleaning. Always use premium quality microfibre clothes or lint-free paper towels to avoid streaks and lint build-up on the glass surface.
  • Make your own cleaning solution: For small glass facades or panes in homes, you can make your own cleaning solution using water, vinegar, lemon, dishwashing liquid, baking soda, and even baby oil. There are plenty of DIY glass cleaner options on the Internet, that provide safer cleaning options.
  • Use glass protectant: Giving an advanced protective layer of coating on the glass during the manufacturing stage or spraying a glass protectant helps prevent hard water stains and damage from heat, soap residue, and cleaning agents.


How to Clean Glass Facades

For cleaning small glass façades and window panes in your homes, you can use either a natural DIY or a commercial cleaning product. Add the required amount of water to the cleaning agent and mix thoroughly. Dip a squeeze in the mixture and use even gentle strokes to clean the glass. Use acetone for oily or grimy spots and cerium oxide for other residues. Soaking for a few minutes will help remove stubborn stains. Once you have scrubbed, rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning glass facades and window panes individually is not possible beyond a point, even for homes. You may be able to clean the lower parts and the areas around the floor. However, even with the use of ladders, cleaning after a certain height is risky and not advisable. You also need to consider the chemicals that you use for cleaning and the equipment involved. Additionally, skyscrapers or multi-storeyed buildings, irrespective of their location, definitely require professional cleaning services.
Engaging a professional cleaning company ensures all types of services from a single source. Look for a company that provides excellent quality of service and cost-effective solutions. Professionals will have the most updated cleaning tools and equipment like pressure jet washers, steamers, and appropriate cleaning solutions. They will complete your work quickly and efficiently. Hiring an expert saves you the trouble of worrying about your physical safety and the safety of your glass façade or window pane.