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Posted on : 17-08-2022    Author : Nitin Mahto

Looking for a coffee or center table that will make your living room look spacious? Are you aiming for a chic yet simple and elegant feel to your living room? Then, opt in for a glass coffee or center table. These tables will spruce up any living room design and make your living room space look more open and stylish. However, with the multitude of design choices available in today’s market, how will you know which one is right for you?
Well, let’s see what all you need to consider when you are shopping for your coffee or center table.


Get the Right Size

A glass coffee table or a glass center table should be of the right size in your living room. It should also be practical and fit in seamlessly with all your other furniture pieces. Before you start your research and go shopping, measure your living room. Note down your table dimensions, especially the height and length. With a standard height of 16 – 18 inches, you and your guests can easily grab any item placed on the table. The same rule applies to the length, which should be two-thirds of the main sofa length if you have one. This way, you can avoid overcrowding your living room space.


Get the Right Shape

Now that you have got the measurements right, choose the right shape to add zing to your living space. Who says the regular conventional rectangular or square table is the only choice? Why always opt for clean straight lines? Go in for a different shape; add curves, be it an oval or circular table. If you are more daring and have a home filled with eclectic furniture pieces, then try out glass coffee or center tables in different geometric shapes such as triangles or hexagonal. Coffee or center tables that are in abstract shapes can sometimes very easily fit in, just like an artwork. Ultimately, choose a table that complements your interior theme and design.


Get the Right Style

The glass coffee or center table says a lot about your personality. Yes, add style and save space as well, with a set of nesting tables. Or you can buy a glass coffee or center table that comes equipped with nesting stools, thus saving valuable leg space in an otherwise cramped environment. What other features does your glass coffee or center table have? Storage space with drawers or shelves to store your knick-knacks? Or does it have a tray top or lift top? A simple gold frame can add a lot of glamour to your glass table. All these play a role in choosing the right style that will instantly grab your guests’ attention in one glance.


Get the Right Placement

Once you have decided on the dimensions, shape, and style, next decide where you want to place the glass coffee or center table. It is very important that you have enough space to move about. There should be balanced spacing between the glass coffee or center table and your other pieces of furniture. Expert interior designers recommend an ideal space of about 30 inches between your glass coffee or center table and your main entertainment console. Another point to consider while placing the glass table is to ensure that you leave adequate foot space for your guests to make them feel relaxed. At the same time, also make sure that they do not have to get up or lean far each time to place something on the tabletop, thus inconveniencing them.
To conclude, getting the right glass coffee or center table will not only make it functional but also make your interior design look classy and sophisticated. Whatever might be your style, contemporary or modern, make a huge eye-catching impact with a unique and aesthetic glass coffee or center table.