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Posted on : 23-04-2020    Author : Surya Agarwal

Prefab & Bespoke custom built bathroom shower enclosures cubicles - Order Online.

We provide toughened safety glass for partitions, cubicles and separators with top rated glass fittings for safety, strength and reliability, available glass panels are of 8 mm, 10 mm & 12 mm thickness. Our bathroom shower experts take pride in designing elegant shower area for to make your bathroom look finest. Beautiful shower spaces will help you to create the bathroom of your dreams. Walk-in  bathroom corner cubicle, slide door cubicles, glass separators designed and developed as per your requirement.

Our bathroom glass separators and cubicles are also custom built not only make it easier for people with disability problems whether it may be because of their age or illness. We give more emphasis for safety features.

Type of Doors for Shower enclosures.

Hinged shower doors for cubicle hinge directly from the wall and door opens outwards.
Pivot shower doors are hinged but pivoted from the top and bottom frame of shower cubicle, usually recommended when there is only less space in the bathroom.
Sliding shower doors are also available and it is convenient when space to open a hinged or pivot door not there. 
Walk in shower area created with a walk in shower screen.

A glass separator or shower enclosure or cubicles one of the latest decor trends and has superseded the dull curtains in washrooms, a personal space where both safety and elegance are vital. It gives an illusion of well-lit as well as wider space apart from giving a luxurious and private feel. Used to separate the wet shower area and the dry area to keep splashing away, a glass partition introduces a sense of transparency.

The wow-factor is induced by a glass shower cubiclein a washroom,thanks to the versatility of glass types available to the consumers that they can now choose as per their convenience, budget, and likings.