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Posted on : 17-07-2022    Author : Jose C Kumar

Glass Canopies
Ever looked at the massive curving glass canopy over the centre of shopping malls or high-end hotels? Office buildings are fitted with grand and imposing glass canopies that reflect the sky and the Sun, thus giving a building’s façade an impressive look. Glass canopies look majestic and can make even ordinary buildings look sophisticated.

Aesthetics of Glass Canopies
Glass canopies are an architectural feature that provides shine, elegance, and sleekness to a place or a building, along with being practically useful. These canopies are generally located at the entrance of large buildings. However, with the advancement of modern technology, it is now used in homes too, to cover walkways or protect windows.

Glass canopies are usually made from toughened and laminated safety glass and are durable. They protect both humans and buildings from any weather impact such as heat, rain, wind, or snow. The clear glass used in these canopies allows a lot of natural light to filter through and thus increases the transparency quotient. By using glass canopies, fine architectural and decorative details can be added. In general, glass canopies have minimalist designs and are complemental to other glass architectural features.

Types of Glass Canopies
There are two forms of glass canopies, that is, framed single glass and the frameless bolted toughened glass. Glass canopies can be of many types, based on their usage:

  • Shade canopies: This type provides shelter and relief from the scorching heat of the Sun and its detrimental UV rays. You can create a shaded area in any outdoor setting using shade canopies, which come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the buyer’s choice.
  • Garden canopy tent: This type can be easily installed around a yard, patio, or deck. It is an ideal option if you want to host outdoor parties. These canopies are designed specially to keep away bugs.
  • Carport canopy: This type helps protect vehicles from adverse weather conditions. Along with vehicles, outdoor building equipment can also be stored safely under this glass canopy. Carport canopies come with sides and panels to provide maximum protection.

Installing Glass Canopies

 A lot of careful planning and detailing goes into the installation of glass canopies. This is especially important if the glass canopy is going to cover a huge space. Points of support will need to be analysed to ensure that stress is not built up. Always remember that it is a good practice to install a glass canopy on an existing structure than suspend it.

While installing glass canopies, a lot of different fittings are used. Some of them are struts or wires, static bolts, adjustable glass connector rods and routels, the hook system, the traditional spider, aluminium extrusions, and so on.