Toughened & Laminated Glass: Choosing the Right Glass for Walls and Sliding Doors

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Posted on : 13-12-2021    Author : Mausomi Roy

Practicality and dazzling aesthetics tend to make modern homes. Modern home or office furnishing trends have evolved tremendously. Right from wood to glass, a multitude of stylish materials are available to embellish the interiors. Of all these options, glass has perhaps become the most popular material due to its beauty, durability, acoustics, ecological sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Still, if the glass is not of good quality, it can prove to be a critical safety hazard. It is not uncommon to come across the news related to people crashing into the glass door and suffering from glass injury and even death. One such incident had happened in Kerala were a lady has rushed to a clear glass wall unknowing the glass-wall existed, it broke in to large sharp pieces and one of the pieces pierced into the body causing fatal injury. Due to which the Kerala government advised the builders it the state to use toughened glass for glass doors and glass walls.

When it comes to choosing the right glass, safety is indispensable. Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass and safety glass, is an ideal solution when safety is the priority. As an annealed or regular glass is quite fragile, it is becoming common for the office owners and homeowners to choose toughened glass for walls, doors, and windows. Here are five reasons for you to choose this type of glass:

Strong Enough to Keep Injuries Away

Toughened glass is five times stronger than standard glass having the same thickness and size. In other words, it can endure a harder hit or more load than usual without breaking. It is also less prone to shattering. While both laminated and toughened glasses are stronger than the standard one, toughened glass sets itself apart when it comes to shattering.

The shattered pieces of annealed glass are long and sharp, while the shattered pieces of toughened glass are tiny, unsharp, and non-jagged due to which the risk of injury is very minimal. This quality makes toughened glass an ideal choice for areas having kids.

Toughened Laminated glass is the safest glass for wall and doors, laminated glass is made by sticking two glass sheets of same thickness by a special purpose glue which holds them. Such glass when breaks, holds together the broken glass and wont scatter.

Sufficiently Resistant to Impact and Heat to Sustain in Sweltering Temperatures

Toughened glass is made by applying extreme heat to regular glass after which it is allowed to cool quickly. This process alters the chemical composition making the glass more resilient. The resultant glass is almost five times more resistant to heat than standard glass. It can endure up to 250 degrees due to which it is safer even amidst fire.


Double glazing, which involves two glass panes packed together, gives even more heat insulation when chosen for toughened glass. This helps in keeping down the power bills during winter.

Toughened glass is also capable of enduring surprising amount of pressure and impact. This resilience makes this glass a safer option than annealed and other competitive glasses.

Effective UV-ray Absorber

Although not completely, toughened glass absorbs sufficient percentage of UV rays due to which you can expect protection from scorching heat outside. It has an SPF of nearly 16. A tinted model of this glass will increase this SPF level further.

Effective Noise Controller

Did you know that toughened glass is a better option than standard glass when it comes to soundproofing? In fact, any soundproofing glass is toughened! This glass is known to bring down the noise up to a significant level, making it ideal for workspaces, gyms, and restaurants too.


Toughened glass is flexible in terms of design and appearance. In other words, it is easy to customize it to suit a variety of requirements. The glass is available in different shapes, dimensions, and colours to suit any modern interior. You can even customize it to give a distinct personal touch.

Currently, the frosted look seems to be in trend due to its boosted aesthetics and complete privacy. It is chosen for a myriad of furniture items such as tabletops, splashbacks, shower cubicles, shelves, and bedside chests. The finish look comes from the acid treatment due to which it is hard to leave a mark on it and easier to clean.