How to Choose a Glass Table Top for Your Dining Table

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Posted on : 10-03-2021    Author : Mamata Ghosh

How to Choose a Glass Table Top for Your Dining Table

A glass table top is preferable for a dining table, as it makes the dining room larger and brighter, makes cleaning a breeze, and protects the wooden table without losing its classic elegance. It is also easy to replace the glass top if it breaks or gets scratched. So, how do you choose a glass table top for your dining area? Well, for that, you should consider the following factors:

Size and Weight of Glass Table Top

The size and weight of your glass table top should be in line with the size and weight of the table base. For instance, if the weight of the glass top is more than that of the base, it is likely to be less flexible or not easily moveable with the base.

Similarly, the size should not be much more than the base; otherwise, it may look odd or stumble. The table top size also directly affects the number of seats  around the table. The relation is directly proportional. The size will vary for a 4 seater table, 6 seater table, and 10 seater table. Thus, you should also consider the number of seats.

Glass Table Top Shape

The shape of a glass table top is an important factor to consider. You should choose the shape that best fits the base or legs. Glass table tops are available in square, rectangle, round, oval, racetrack oval, hexagon and even in kidney-like shapes.

Sharing many similarities, square and rectangle shapes seem to be popular. The oval or rectangular one is ideal for having much dining room seating. The oval or round shape is chosen to create more space, provide an attractive appearance, and ensure easy movability around. A round or square shape is ideal for accommodating a small group that can then interact better during dinner. 

A round top is chosen mostly by those who wish to use it for parties or fun gatherings. You can even choose a custom cut glass to get the glass top as per your desired shape and size. In short, a glass table top shape should not be only about the appearance but also about the best fit.

The shape is usually determined by the table’s shape, base underneath the glass, number of seaters, and/or the dining room layout.

Number of Seaters

Before going ahead to choose a glass table top, you should consider the number of people who would be sitting around the table. It is wise to choose a little larger top than a normal one if you expect guests to visit your home frequently.

Generally, if the table top shape is round it can be used in a 4 seater or 6 seater dining tables, 4 people can easily fit if the table size is 36" to 50" inches in diameter, 6 people can fit around 46" to 66" inches diameter table, and 8 to 10 seaters at a table measuring 66 inches dia. If the table top is square, a measure of one side of glass from 28 to 48 inches can accommodate 4 seats, 48 to 60 inches (one side) ideal for 6 to 8 seaters, and more than 60” suitable for 12 seaters.

In case of a rectangular shape, a table of 36"x48" inches to 42"x78" inches can accommodate 6 people, a table of 44"x84" inches can fit 10 people, and 48"x96" inches for up to 16 people. If the shape is oval or racetrack oval, 6 people easily fit around a table of 36"x60" to 42"x72" inches, 10 around a table of 44"x84" inches, and 14 around a table of 48"x96" inches.

Glass oval dining table size 6 - 8 Seat size comparison

Round Glass Table Size for 3, 4, 6 & 8 seater tables

Other Physical Aspects


For Dining table with only Glass as table top
(Glass fixed on top of wooden or metal frame

For Dining table with wooden table top with
Glass as extra protection

4 Seater table

8mm +

6mm / 8mm

6 Seater table

10mm +

8 mm

8 Seater table

12mm +

8 mm +

This table shows recommended glass thickness for dining table. Toughened glass have more strength and more heat resistant compered to standard annealed glass.

Your dining table’s glass top must be such that it introduces an eye-catching elegance to its base. For this, you need to consider its thickness, polish, and color apart from the shape.

A thinner glass is known to give a more delicate and sophisticated look, while a thicker one is admired for its durability and heavy use. In case of a wooden dining table, a clear glass top with lesser thickness of 6 or 8mm preferably tempered is fine as compared to a top with metal or wooden frame. Such a glass should have thickness of 12mm and preferably tempered for having a stronger table, especially if you have kids at home. Grey / bronze of clear glass can be considered for table top glass fixed on frame base considering the colour and texture of the base.

Otherwise, a thicker glass top is preferable. When it comes to color, a calm option is always preferred. In short, the color, finish, and thickness should suit your needs and be in line with the décor of the dining room.