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Posted on : 13-10-2020    Author : Renu Goel

Glass furniture is ideal if you prefer to uplift the look and feel of home or office with the contemporary style. It is common to come across an office desk completely made of glass, glass side tables, coffee and tea glass tables and glass shelves.

What if there is a more visually-pleasing option than this traditional flat glass material for your furniture? Well, this is the bent or curved glass. As the name indicates, the glass is bent or curved to give a trendy or ultra-modern look to your furniture.

A curved glass retains all the benefits of flat glass, including transparency providing a sense of more space in a small area and facilitating natural light to pass through to transform a dull room into a bright one.

However, unlike the standard flat glass, a curved glass features an arch that makes the glass significantly load-resistant and high durability. This means that it can withstand a heavy load of the items put upon it. It is also possible to reduce the overall glass thickness for decreasing the weight as well as the cost of the structure. This means you can easily find affordable bent glass coffee tables, bent glass office desks, and curved glass shelves.

Moreover, bent and tempered glass is likely to provide boosted mechanical strength, which increases durability against temperature fluctuations. A bent glass coffee table, a curved shelf made of glass, or a bent glass office table is usually a mix of glass and/or metal. Most of these tables have glass bent to perfection due to which it reflects a clean and transparent look despite bending at a right angle.

Some office and coffee tables made using a curved glass typically have two legs that are bent inward. This gives a distinctly funky look that appears more modern as well as unique than anything else on the market.

Well, this is not the only difference between a bent glass coffee table and a flat one. Many curved coffee tables come with a small shelf beneath the top surface, which you can use for storage purposes. This shelf, too, is curved or bent, which adds a unique element to the table.

There are also 90º bent / curved shelves that you can affix to the walls not only for decorative reasons but also for practical uses like placing things such as vases and books. Even they are durable and strong enough to withstand load apart from adding exquisite elegance to your home or office.

 When it comes to looking for an online curved glass table shop or a bent glass tea / coffee table store in India, you will come across different bent glass varieties. They will vary in terms of size, thickness, dimensions, bent glass type, and edge.

For example, bent and curved glass tables are available in a variety of thickness options such as 10 mm, 12 mm, and 19 mm. It is better to choose a bent glass that is as thick as possible, as more thickness means more strength.

With choices of clear glass and grey as well as bronze-tinted glass options, the curved glass desk and table models are stylish as well as practical. They are designed to suit any room décor.

While most stores will offer home delivery, only a few ones will offer options for customization. These are custom cut glass options such as shape, dimensions, type, edge, and finish for you to choose.

In short, if you want to make a style statement while enjoying more functional benefits, the curved glass should be your top choice.