Dielectric mirror (a.k.a Two way mirror)

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Posted on : 14-09-2020    Author : Ramesh Mahendra

A dielectric mirror (also known as a two way mirror), has a semi transparent mirror coating on the surface of glass that allows it to become a mirror.  One side reflects light and has the appearance of a mirror, the other transmits light through

It has multiple thin layers of dielectric material. Ultra high reflectivity mirrors can be made in such a way which can reflect 99.9%, compared to ordinary aluminium and silver mirrors which only reflect 90 and 95 percent of light.


How does Two way mirror work ?

Dielectric mirrors work based on the interference of light reflected from the different layers of dielectric stack, Simple dielectric mirrors function like one dimensional photonic crystals, consisting of a stack of layers with a high refractive index interleaved with layers of a low refractive index. Chemical components used to manufacture dielectric mirrors are magnesium fluoride, silicon dioxide, tantalum pentoxide, zinc sulfide, and titanium dioxide.  Manufactured on a clear glass substrate that has absolutely no color tint and high clarity.  Other applications in Security and Surveillance Applications


Uses of Two way mirrors

Dielectric Two way TV mirrors

The most effective application of this mirror is where reflection of 99.99% is required: equipment such as microscopes etc. Secondly it can be used as a TV mirror. A TV mirror is the same dielectric mirror used in front of a TV, it works as an ordinary mirror when the TV is switched off at the same time it provides flawless picture quality through the dielectric mirror when TV is on. It gives an aesthetic feel to your living room with a mirror on the wall instead of a black TV screen. It can also be used in your bathroom for you to watch your favorite TV shows while relaxing on your bathtub.