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Posted on : 25-08-2020    Author : Nisha Sofie

Difference between ordinary Clear Glass & Low-Iron Ultra clear Glass

Ultra clear glass Low Iron

What is glass ? How is it made?

Glass is made from sand, Sand is a mixture of many substances with main component needed to make glass 'Silica' chemically known as silicon dioxide (SiO2) other ingredients used in glassmaking are sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), and limestone (CaCO3). This sand is heated in furnace, it melts at very high temperature, when molten sand is cooled we get glass substance.
Molten sand is poured into different shapes of molds to make bottles, glasses, and other vessels or floated on plain surface to get glass sheets, this transparent glass is usually called float glass.

These glass usually manufactured like this contain slight impurities of other chemicals such as Sulphur, Iron, chrome etc which gives a tint to glass. 

High Clarity Clear Glass (Low Iron Glass)

High clarity clear glass means more light is transmitted through clear glass for this impurities in glass should be removed, i.e less iron components in glass should be achieved, Iron (Fe) is separated from Glass in the furnace using for this firstly high quality silica raw material is selected, wet chemical extraction and electro-chemistry is used. By reducing Iron components upto 8% of more light transmission is achieved. Commercially these high clear glass are sold under various brand names such as UltraClear or Ultrawhite, Optiwhite and Starphire.