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Posted on : 17-08-2020    Author : Mukul Rudradeep

How are glass curved or bent ?


Float glass both plain and tinted glass are bent through heat treatment in a furnace. Usually glass panes with thickness above 5 mm are used required sheet of glass are first thoroughly cleaned and polish, the glass is heated in a special purpose furnace machine in a vacuum environment to a temperature of around 600 to 620  degree celsius where it reaches its softening point, then the glass sheet is curved to obtain the required shape and then quickly cooled down within the furnace, owing to this process the glass gets all characteristics of a toughened glass. Types of bending LB - glass bending along a longer edge and CB - glass bending along a shorter edge these types of bending is used for architectural purposes used in interior and exterior decoration of buildings, arched corridors, etc.

Bent Glass for Exterior and interior decoration

Bent Glass tables with U and L shape with 90 angle


Special purpose glass bending and tempering furnace machine is used to bend and tempered to get L or U shaped glass which are widely used as elegant office desk glass coffee tables, glass teapoys, glass aquarium etc. Glass shapes could be right angles or close to right angles. For bent tables glass with a minimum of 12 mm thickness or above upto 19 mm are used.

12 MM bent Curved Glass table

19 mm thick bent L shaped glass desk