Modern Glass Dining Table Trends in India 2020

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Posted on : 30-07-2020    Author : Saran

Dining table is a piece of furniture that is mostly used furniture in the home so it needs to make a statement, The traditional tables in India which were made of wood was fashionable till the 20th century had gone out of vogue lately to elegantly designed strong dining table with metal or wooden frame with glass table tops of various colours. Many families prefer the modern type dining tables to old fashioned table top dining tables, In India, many families are replacing the wooden tables with glass tables. New tables are transport friendly, unlike the wooden dining tables, usually the glass tops can be detached from the frame. 

Dining tables come with traditionally four legged tables, contemporary design frame with three and single leg, table tops can be of matte and glossy glass finish, scratch resistant frost glass or tempered glass with modern designs that are stunning from far as well as from near. Italian glass dining table stands out because of the unique style and detailing which adds to the beauty of your room.