Simple Ways to Reuse Your Broken Glass Furniture or Shelves

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Posted on : 22-07-2020    Author : Kanaka Choudhary

Many of us consider glass breaking as a bad omen. However, if you look positively, it is time to convert this sharp trash into smooth treasure by showing your creative skills. Treating normally anything that is broken will result in throwing it away but thinking of using it will result in its economical reuse, which is beneficial. So, here are some simple ways to reuse broken furniture glass pieces:

Accentuate Your Existing Furniture

How about tactically placing all the broken glass pieces on the front of your table, tabletop, vase, glass furniture or a pen holder? Applying reflective glass pieces to furniture items is the current trend. For making your designer furniture item, just remove all handles, screws, hinges, drawers, and any accessories from your piece.

Now, start by applying a thick primer coat (mortar) using a tile trowel followed by two paint coats upon it. You can select your preferred color for paint coats. As a tip, it is ideal to have a neutral color such as white or black so that your broken glass furniture of glass pieces of the shelf can be the attention-grabber.

Now, tactically place glass pieces as if they are tiles. Wipe down the surface using a wet sponge but ensure that not much coat is removed between the broken glass pieces. Finally, allow the surface to dry and then reaffix the removed accessories.

Decorate Your Bathroom

If you are thinking to uplift the look of your bathroom using the trendy but expensive mosaic tiles, here is the more affordable option for you. Consider the broken glass pieces for this decoration, especially if it is a washroom for your guests.

Mosaic tiles are costly even though they have been around for some time. Thus, this time, why not use big, colorful bits of a broken glass shelf to get the same mosaic ambiance in a distinct way?

The procedure is almost the same as for the aforementioned DIY task, including applying mortar. However, you first need to sand the chosen wall and remove all hurdles from the way such as electric sockets. Then, while applying mortar, you simultaneously have to apply the glass pieces and apply mortar to them to using a butter knife.

Apart from the bathroom wall, you can even decorate candle holders, bowls, and small dishes with these pieces along with ceramic on the background. Yes, this is how versatile the never-fading mosaic trend is!

Make a Stunning Garden/Patio Art

Are you a great fan of arts and creativity? Then, just collect those broken glass pieces and put to use such that it given an artwork to be kept in the garden or porch.

One way is to use an old standard canvas and add these pieces using a good-quality glue. You can use them to make any figurine or abstract image of your choice. This art will reflect your passion for making the best out of the waste to all those who enter your home or garden.

Decorate a Garden Rock

If nothing comes to your mind, you can simply glue those glass onto a big rock in your garden to have a stunning display outdoors. This is perhaps the simplest DIY task for which the pieces of any type of broken glass can fit. You can even decorate small river pebbles and rocks along with these glass pieces.