Easy Steps to Installing Do-It-Yourself Custom Cut Glass Shelves

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Posted on : 07-07-2020    Author : Preeti Gandhi

Glass shelves are ideal for converting small corners or sides of your home into serene yet useful sites where big decoration pieces cannot be installed. However, custom cut glass shelves can fit into any area of your home to render an elegant look while allowing you to store some useful or cool things on it.

These most versatile options match nearly every kind of décor and feature a weight, shape, and size that are apt for your chosen wall. Several fruitful applications of these shelves exist; apart from kitchens, you can place them in dining rooms, closets, living rooms, bathrooms, and balconies.

In living rooms, these shelves blend into the environment to trigger a transparent view. Similarly, in kitchens, they are strong enough to endure the weight of storage cans while creating a fresh and airy feel. In balconies, they also give you a clear view of your front-facing garden or lawn.

There are many types of glass shelves, such as floating, kitchen, wall-mounted, and bathroom glass shelves. However, you can easily find a custom-cut one in each of the available categories. You can even get them designed by sharing your requirements such as shape and size.

Selecting the Right Type of Custom Glass Shelf

The most important task for installing any glass shelf is to choose the right shelf style and glass type at the time of buying. Avoid choosing a thin glass if you will be placing on heavy items on it. For such items, you need a thick and well-tempered glass.

If your goal is to have a childproof corner, a floating glass shelf is ideal. In case of a narrow wall space, a horizontally long glass with a bent slope is ideal. 

Once you get the desired custom cut glass shelf, it is now time to install it. You can consult a professional for the same. However, the DIY part is pretty interesting to try.

Installing a Custom Cut Glass Shelf

As the first step, you need to decide how to place the shelf for ensuring an elegant effect. If there are more than two shelves, consider arranging them vertically and leave enough space for the objects to reside well. You may decide to place even brackets as per the shelf style.

Once you identify where and how to place the shelf, implement the following steps:

  1. Take measurements in terms of width and height. Mark the positions precisely using a measuring tape and a pencil or a marker where you will be hanging the shelf. These are the positions where you will be making holes such that there will be no risk of a skewed look.
  2. Drill holes for proper installation. This is essential even for placing brackets with screws. Before that, make sure that no hurdle such as any unwanted material or a wire is present in the middle.
  3. Attach the brackets securely using the included screws in case if your shelf needs brackets. Many shelves reside on two metal brackets, which if not included with the shelf, can be brought from a home improvement store.
  4. Fix the shelf. If there are grooves, see how well the shelf fits.
  5. Apply adhesive caulking to the shelf’s edges and now glide the shelf via the grooves.
  6. Allow the shelf to dry completely before you place anything on it.

So, are you ready to enjoy this DIY task?